PewDiePie Net Worth | Wife & How His Spend His Millions


That is the life of Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, the owner and creator of one of the most successful YouTube channels of all-time, which led to him being a multi-millionaire.

Find out how he earned his riches from YouTube and want he spends that dough on.


Born Felix Kjellberg into a successful Swedish family in 1989, PewDiePie grew up with a love for video games, even regularly skipping class in high school to play video games with friends at an internet cafe

He went on to attend college, but he was clearly more interested in video games. He had originally founded his channel as just PewDie in 2006, but because he’s human like the rest of us, he forgot the password to it and had to start over, so in 2010, PewDiePie was born.

YouTube Fame

Given his disinterest for school and the following his channel was beginning to cultivate, in 2011 made a decision that he later called “f—ing stupid,” and dropped out of college, never looking back.

With Kjellberg able to put forth all his time and effort into developing content, his channel took off and by 2013, PewDiePie had the most subscriber of any YouTube channel as he continued to churn out content nearly every day.

Originally, most of his content was playing along with various video games, but his style changed over the coming years, incorporating comedy, viral challenges, asking his subscribers to suggest content ideas, and vlogs of his travels or just other everyday things.

He ran into some controversy in recent years over alleged racist and anti-Semitic comments, which hurt his popularity some and may have been a factor to losing his status as the most-subcribed YouTube channel in 2019 to Indian record label T-Series.

However, PewDiePie can take solace in having the most subscribers of any singular person on YouTube, with over 106 million.


Given his YouTube fame, perhaps it’s not surprising that he eventually fell in love with another YouTube star. 

In 2011, he began dating Italian YouTuber Marzia Bisognin, or just as Marzia, as she was known on the platform. It was a classic 21st-century love story. She emailed him saying his videos were funny, then they began dating, and then she moved to Sweden to live with him, leading to happily ever after or something like that.

She regularly appeared in videos on PewDiePie’s channel, in addition to making her own content before she retired from YouTube in 2018. The two eventually got married in August 2019. 

Net Worth

In addition to gaining over 100 million subscribers and his wife thanks to YouTube, PewDiePie also has earned tens of millions of dollars off his channel and other revenue streams. 

Various estimates have pegged his net worth at anywhere from $30-50 million, though several sources have it right in the middle at $40 million. Not chump change by any means.

He hasn’t slowed down in recent years, either, with Forbes estimating that he made $13 million in 2019 alone, with other years reaching as high as $15.5 million. He makes a decent sum of that money from sponsored videos, which will currently cost you $450,000 per video. So if you want PewDiePie on board with whatever you’re doing, you’ll need to shell out the chequebook.

So what does he do with that money?


Early on in his YouTube career, PewDiePie moved from his native Sweden to Marzia’s native Italy, before they settled down in Brighton, England, where they lived for several years. 

The couple moved into a new house in Brighton in the summer of 2018, posting a video showing some of their new digs. From the looks of the video, the house is definitely nice and contains a modern interior, but appears to be rather modest in terms of size, and the yard and patio certainly seem rather normal.

However, for years PewDiePie has posted travel vlogs on his channel and longtime subscribers of his are well aware that he loves the country of Japan, making annual trips to the Far East. He took this one step further in October, 2019, when he and his wife Marzia bought a house there.

Though the couple was excited to announce the purchase, they very tight-lipped about the specifics of it, as no one seems to know where it is, how much it cost, or even what it looks like, so the closest thing we have is the Japanese-style house he built in Minecraft.

After all, he did make a video in 2016 telling his fans to stop showing up at his house, so I guess he took that a step further by giving people very little indication of where his house actually is.

Run of Bad Luck

Despite buying a house halfway across the globe, the couple appears to still own their home in Brighton as well, though their properties were hit with a double-dose of bad luck last fall.

In late November, their Brighton house was flooded after a heavy downpour, which also caused their neighbor’s sewage to back up into their yard and garden. Yuck!

Not only that, but just a few days later, their home in Japan, which they had only owned for about two months, was burglarized, with Marzia reporting that most of her jewelry, luxury items, and other special items was stolen.

Oddly enough, PewDiePie’s computer and camera were left behind, so there’s that tiny bit of good fortune.

Some Good From Bad

Despite the week from home ownership hell, PewDiePie did have a positive reflection on the experience.

Opening up months later, he said that the burglary encouraged him to rid himself of extra possessions that he had no good reason to keep.

More specifically, he said he had a lot of stuff that he didn’t use but kept mainly because he didn’t necessarily want anyone else to have, but following the burglary, he made a conscious effort to shed himself of anything that he didn’t really need or use.

Not A Big Spender

Despite his recent shift in thinking when it comes to owning stuff, PewDiePie has never been a big spender by any means.

Yes he owns the two homes, but the Brighton home certainly isn’t a mansion, and while our only view of his Japanese house is a grainy security camera picture, it doesn’t appear to be a lavish palace either.


One area where PewDiePie will spend some cash is on cars, though even then, his collection is rather tame compared to many others with his wealth.

In 2017, he bought a Volvo XC90 hybrid, which makes sense, because Swedish YouTuber buying a Swedish car. That model retails for about $67,000 brand new. 

Before that, he owned a black Mini convertible that he had previously said he enjoys driving and will go on long trips with. We don’t know for sure if he still has it or not, but in June 2017, a British man named James McGinnis tweeted that he bought a Mini convertible from “none other than PewDiePie” so that might explain the fate of that ride.

The one car he did splurge on, though, is a Porsche 911, but even then, he hasn’t really shown it off, with only a shot from one of his videos appearing to confirm his ownership of the Porsche. Assuming it is his, a new version of that car would’ve cost him a little over $103,000.

And of course, there is his most famous “new car,” a very well-loved Nissan Micra that he maybe bought, maybe not, but nonetheless was the star in a 2016 video that parodied people showing off their brand new, expensive cars.

Despite, the obvious joke involved, Nissan loved the exposure so much that they got in contact with him and several months later they lent PewDiePie a much newer version of the Nissan Micra to test drive for a video.


Aside from his houses and cars, there are virtually no significant purchases known for PewDiePie. His clothes are generally affordable, if unremarkable and his distaste for owning unnecessary items means that he probably doesn’t own many, if any expensive toys.

What he does spend money on is his own set-up, so it’s more of a business investment for him. He hasn’t posted an official video showing off his set-up since 2018, but at least at the time, he was using three monitors, a mechanical gaming keyboard, an expensive mouse, custom headphones, and a custom gaming chair, as well as two video cameras and a microphone.

All told, that whole list retails for about $6,600, not including the cost of the actual computer. For you and me is a lot of money to pay for a gaming set-up, but it’s chump change for PewDiePie.

With his prolific filming schedule, he also has two full-time editors that he pays in order to continually make sure that content continues to be in tip-top shape despite the prolific schedule he keeps.


PewDiePie has frequently used his channel to promote various charitable causes. His first notable endeavor was donating his prize money from a “Gaming King of the Web” contest in 2012 to the World Wildlife Fund.

He followed that up by running two subsequent campaigns for Charity: Water that have raised nearly $600,000 combined. 

Other charity drives he led included $200,000 to Civil Rights and You, $630,000 for Save the Children, $1.3 million towards HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa. 

Most recently, he donated $69,420 to Team Trees, an anti-deforestation charity that plants a tree for each dollar donated. So, somewhere, there are 69,420 new trees, courtesy of PewDiePie. Nice!


If you made millions of dollars as a YouTuber, would you live the same modest life as PewDiePie, or would you spread your money around a little more? Let us know in the comments!


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