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Pete Davidson Relationship with Ariana Grande | Tragic Life| Living with His Mom

The life of a comedian has to be a pretty great one, huh? The idea of making your living just by making other people laugh makes comedy a rather enviable position.

Dan Bilzerian House $250 Million Mansion / Lifestyle/ Women | Rich And Famous

Just about anyone who’s ever been to Vegas, or even just their local casino, has had the same dreams: riding poker skills to fame and fortune, and living the life of a high roller.

Kanye West Might be The Future PRESIDENT! People REACT | Reminder of Crazy Things He Said

Kanye just announced that he will be running for the presidency 2020.

Which Celebs Go Above And Beyond To Support #blm Movement

Last month, the world was shaken by the news about the tragic death of George Floyd, an African American man, who unfortunately died while being in the custody of a Minneapolis police officer. Following his death, a series of protests and campaigns sparked throughout the world; their battle cries demanding justice not just for Floyd’s death but for all those who were victimized by systemic racism and police brutality.